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July 2, 2013

Help make Mountain Biking better in the Inlet Area and join IMBA and DEC in a conversation.

When: Wednesday July 3rd
Time: 10a.m.
Where: Raquette Lake School
The Plan: To look over the proposed bike trails and do an actual walk through of the trails with the NYDEC.
Want to get involved? Now is the time. Help make a difference.

The purpose of the day is to discuss the trail ideas we have on the table (from the MRPWF UMP) and share ideas about the types of trails this recreation group is interested in, including the spectrum of opportunities and how to “nest” these within our Adirondack Forest Preserve units. Adam Coppola Northeast Regional Director for International Bicycling Association IMBA and NYDEC will be in attendance . So come join us and help  make our local biking trails better!

Reserve your spot now!!!
Call or e-mail Ted at Pedals & Petals
315-357-3281 or info@pedalsandpetals.com

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