It’s Not Just for Fat Tires

It’s Not Just for Fat Tires

To serious mountain bikers there’s nothing technically challenging about it. At forty miles, some road cyclists may find the distance a bit short. And to anyone who knows the Adirondacks, heading into the woods in early June means donating some blood to black flies. Yet despite these seeming impediments, the Black Fly Challenge Adirondack Mountain Bike Race has thrived, growing to legend status across Northeastern U.S. and beyond.

Started in 1996 by Inlet businessmen Mike Drake (Drake’s Inn) and John Nemjo, a.k.a. Mountainman, the Black Fly has long-been a yearly ritual for many cyclists – not bad for a race in the middle of nowhere that literally goes through the middle of nowhere. Over half the race distance traverses the rugged Moose River Recreation Area between Inlet and Indian Lake on gravel mountain roads with plenty of elevation changes.

But  the course is not all grueling uphills and steep down hills. There’s a relatively flat section on the Limekiln Lake-Cedar River Road, along the actual Moose River Plains.

The scenery is incredibly picturesque. And with hundreds of people putting the mettle to the pedal, adventures are only a split-second away.

With so many races in the books, there’s no shortage of wild stories from “out there in the Plains.” Bikes have crossed the Finish Line with no seat, flat tires, broken rims and even on the shoulder of more than a few determined competitors. Post-race discussions are often friendly debates over bike frames, tire width and even favorite direction of travel (the race changes direction every year.)

The wilder adventures are usually the domain of the serious racers, but not always. There are plenty of Black Fly riders that find a victory in just crossing the finish line and have their own stories to tell.

The 2012 BFC  saw several race records set, including entries, finishers and records for both best Men’s and Women’s fastest finishing times. In 2013 the race drew even more entries with 578 and more than 500 finishers.

From expert racers to merely energetic riders, the Black Fly Challenge draws a diverse crowd that comes back year after year on the second Saturday in June.

This article last updated February 2014.


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