FAQ’s & BFC Rules

What kind of race is the Black Fly?
The Black Fly Challenge is a 40-mile destination race (one-way) that attracts both serious racers and recreational riders on cyclocross and mountain bikes. It also attracts some serious adventurists, riding unicyles and 3-seat bikes.
Over half the BFC race course includes gravel roads through the wild & scenic Moose River Recreation Area between Inlet and Indian Lake with some pavement and/or singletrack at either end.

Is the BFC a supported race?
There are 6 or 7 water stations along the route but it’s a long race with plenty of elevation changes, so plan to carry water and energy supplies. Tools & tubes are optional but recommended for CX bikes. There are no mechanical support crews on the course. Everyone that enters is expected to be able to finish under their own power but there is a Sweeper Crew with a truck & trailer that follows the race to pick up bikes & riders that can’t finish.

Riders are responsible for their own safety, so watch out for each other!
• Ambulances are stationed on-call at each end of the race, Inlet and Indian Lake.

What Category do I enter?
It’s all about your bike’s frame geometry, construction and components:
If your bike was built with mountain bike geometry and components then register in the mountain bike (Mtb) category that fits your cycling ability: Expert, Sport, Beginner or Junior.
If your bike is a cyclocross or has road bike geometry, components and 700c wheels then register in Cyclocross.

What is a Cyclocross Bike?
Cyclocross bikes resemble road racing bikes but with beefier wheels. The BFC Cyclocross category allows only traditional cyclocross bikes.

What if I’m riding a hybrid, 29er, Fatbike or modified mountain bike?
Hybrid, 29er, Fatbike and modified mountain bikes should enter a traditional Mtb category: Expert, Sport, Beginner or Junior.
If you’re a Fatbiker get more of your friends to show up if you want your own category next year!

What about Tandems, Unicycles & other bikes?
Two-seat Tandems are welcome to register in the Tandem category. Triplets, Quints, Unicycles, Recumbents & other odd bikes may be allowed at the discretion of the race director. Send your special entry request to: info @ blackflychallenge.com

Does the BFC award prizes?
Yes, the BFC purse is $8,235.00 in cash & prizes, as detailed on the Prizes page.

Are food and beverages included in the entry fee?
No, the BFC entry fee is too low for that. Food and beverages are available at the finish so bring some money.

Are helmets required?
Duh! Of course you must wear a helmet. Any racer not wearing a helmet will be disqualified.


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