It takes lots of help to produce a race as big as the Black Fly Challenge.
We need upwards of 70 volunteers on race day!
If you want to help on race day, or any time, please contact us: info@blackflychallenge.com

Job(s) Hours # Duties Volunteer(s) Report to:
Competition Official 8am-4pm Oversee all Competion-Related Issues Ted
Race Director 8am-4pm Oversee all Event-Related Issues Dave
Course Marking Wed or Thurs 2 Mark Race Course Dave & Paul C Dave
Start Line 8-10:30am 1 Pre-Race Official Instructions & Announcements Dave, Mike G Dave (Inlet) Vonnie (IL)
Parking, Staging 8-10:30a.m. 1 Keep Race Staging Area Clear Dave, Mike G
& Announcements 9-10:30am 3 Direct Registration Traffic & Parking
Registration Crew Registration Room Setup on Thu or Fri Ted, Dave, Vonnie, Adele Dave (Inlet) Vonnie (IL)
10-11 people 7:30-10:30am 1 Registration Coordinator Ted
on Saturday 2 Register Racers
Registration Crew 2 Register Racers
Re-sets Room 2 Register Racers
2 Toss Tee-Shirts
1 Sell BFC Jerseys & Run Cash Register
1 Direct Racers in Registration Room
1 Direct People to Restrooms in Back Parking Area
3 Direct Traffic and Parking
Shuttle Crew Direct AM Parking. Allow only paid riders on shuttle. Ted
AM Shuttle 7:15-8:15am 2 even years – IL School; odd years – Arrowhead Park Diane & Eileen
PM Shuttle 3:30-4pm even years – IL School; odd years – Fern Park ?
Water & Spotting Inlet volunteers report to Pedals & Petals by 9:30am. - P&P
Stations Indian Lake volunteers report to Pine’s by 9:30am. - Pine’s
14-20 people * Hand out water – Take caps off first! -
2 people per station 9:30am – 3:30pm * Assist racers in need of help & pick up all trash. -
* Take down course markings & return to Pedals & Petals -
times vary * Can NOT leave station until the sweeper truck goes by! -
depending * Station staffing times vary depending on race direction. -
on race * Spotting station volunteers must direct racers!!! -
direction Don’t forget bug shirt & repellant! -
Water & Spotting Station Locations Next Page…
Job(s) Hours # Duties Volunteer(s) Report to:
Water & Spotting 3 Wakely Golf Course, water station (IL) Pine’s
Stations… 3 Elva Brown’s Farm (on Cedar River Road), water station (IL) Pine’s
(from IL to Inlet) 3 Cedar River Gate, water & spotting station (IL) Pine’s
3 5 miles in from Cedar River Gate, water (IL) Pine’s
3 Sly Pond Trailhead water station (Inlet) John Frey +2 P&P
3 Otter Brook Rd (Big T) water & spotting station (Inlet) P&P
3 Red River water & spotting station (Inlet) Tim Brownsell +2 P&P
10:15am – 11:15am 2 Limekiln Gate, spotting station Jack MacBeth?
(only on odd years) 11:45am – 3:30pm 1 Limekiln Road at Murdock Trucking spotting station  Police or Fire Andrew
(only on odd years) 11:45am – 3:30pm 2 Hidden Peak Rd at trail intersection spotting station Toni Rudd +1 P&P
(only on odd years) 11:45am – 3:30pm 2 Fern Mt Trails, spotting station tbd may not be needed P&P
Radio Operations Fern Park-NCS/EMS 1 Matt Miller, KD2CFH +1 Denny
10 stations Race Director Shadow 1 Dennis Hudson, N2LBT & Matt
Sweep Vehicle 1
Byron Park-Start 1 Dennis Hudson, N2LBT
Wakely Golf Course 1 Clark Seaman, W2CJS
Elva Brown’s Farm 1 Bill Weaver, KA2VLB
Cedar River Gate 1 Peter Weaver, KC2GCH
5M in from CR Gate 1 Bill Thielking, K2LML
Sly Pond Trailhead 1 Pete Newell KC2WI
Otter Brook Rd (Big T) 1 Eugene Melnyczuk, N2NCM
Red River Larry Mihalik,KD2BUZ
Sweeper Truck 11am – 4pm Put “Race In Progress” signs on truck & Bring Releases! Pete S P&P
2 or 3 people Take down all course markings & pick up all trash James or Dan K
Pick up extra water from water stations -
Pick up racers that DNF & get their bib #’s ! -
Finish Line & 11:30am – 3:30pm Timing & Scoring by YellowJacket Racing - Ted
Results Crew 1 YellowJacket Results Assistant Ted Ted
7 people 1 Finish Line Observer 11am-3:30pm Nick R Ted
12noon-4pm 4 Backup for possible YellowJacket no-show /problems Ted
Job(s) Hours # Duties Volunteer(s) Report to:
Finish Line Venue Pre-Race General Venue Setup the week preceding race Dave, Dennis, Jim Dave/Vonnie
(only on odd years) Set Entertainment & Awards Stage – Webb Bandshell Shawn H Adele/Vonnie
Finish Line Venue Race Day
9am-12noon 1 Direct Finish Line, Vendor & Venue Setup Dennis Dennis
9am-12noon 2 Assist with Finish Line, Vendor & Venue Setup Diane & Eileen Dennis
11am-4pm 1 School Custodian (IL) or Parks Dept Staff (Inlet) Vonnie/Dave
12noon-4pm 2 Outside Security (IL only) - Vonnie
11am-2pm 2 Direct Parking & Traffic at Fern Park or IL School Dennis/Vonnie
12noon-4pm 1 Post-Race Announcements & Awards Dave, Mike G
2:45pm-4pm 2 Helpers to Assist with Awards (merchandise, checks) Donna & Jane Dave or Ted
Vendor Setups 12noon-3pm Food Vendor – IVES or IL Ambulance IVES Jason Pallotta
12noon-4pm Beer Vendor – ASE ASE Dennis
12noon-2:45 2 Sell Jerseys, Give Chobani Samples & Water to Racers Donna & Jane Dennis
Floating Help Pre-Race Video/Pics, Post-Race Vending/Awards Adele
Entertainment 12noon-3pm Jim
Miscellaneous 6 Stuff Event Bags (before race day)
Adele, Dave, Jim, Donna, Jane, Dennis, Diane, Eileen

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