BFC 2011 Men’s Champ Duncan Douglas

Bagram, Afghanistan 2010 – training for the Black Fly.

a.k.a.: Robert Duncan Douglas
BFC 2011 Men’s Champ, time: 2:15:30
(Duncan raced in Men’s Cyclocross)
Age: 46
Occupation: M.D. Anesthesiologist; Army National Guard Lt. Colonel.
From: Honeoye Falls, NY

Cycling Experience: Duncan has been riding bikes his whole life, “yeah, since I was a kid. I didn’t start racing until I was probably close to 20 years old, so about 25 years now.” He was the Bike Up the Mountain Point Series overall winner in 2011.
He’s a member of the Masters Military Cycling Team and rides with the Park Ave Bike Shop Team in Rochester.

Training: Duncan eats oatmeal and eggs for breakfast but for dinner it’s, “whatever my wife makes.” Do you train full-time? “I used to train full time for biathlon and cross-country skiing. Now I train as much as I can with work and family. I basically know what I’m doing so I just do it because I like to do it.” Note: This is not athletic bravado. Among Duncan’s many adventures he has made two Olympic Biathlon Teams, in 1992 and 1994, and he still does running events. He shares his exploits at, which is titled, “From an Athletically Insane Old Man who just won’t give up.”

Goals: “I don’t know what I’m going to do this year. I’m in the National Guard and that takes up a lot of my time.” Since Duncan has four kids we asked: Do any of your children express an interest in competitive racing? “My 16-year old son and 14-year old daughter are doing well in cross-country skiing and running. My son did the BFC last year and won his age class.” (Langton’s time was 3:08:15 in Junior Mtb.) This, naturally, led to the question: Do your kids admire you and want to follow in your footsteps or do they think you’re crazy? “Depends on which kid and what time.”

Why the BFC? I first heard about it from a whole bunch of guys I ride with from the Park Ave Bike Team. I’ve done (the BFC) twice. I did well both times but even if I didn’t win it’s a fun race.”

How is the BFC different than other races? “It’s a fun race because it’s more of an event. It’s an adventure dealing with the dirt roads. Last year (2011) it felt like my brakes were on the whole time. I kept looking at my tires. I’m lucky I didn’t get killed on those water bars, hitting them at 30mph on the downhill.”

Etc.: “I never know what I’m doing from minute to minute. Hopefully I’ll make it back (to the BFC this year), if not I’ll definitely be there in future years.”

How can we improve the BFC? “I think it’s a fun race the way it is.”


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