BFC 2011 Women’s Champ Liz Lukowski

Liz Lukowski hauls her bike up a hill during the Bay State 2012 race.

a.k.a.:Liz “The Landslide” Lukowski
BFC 2011 Women’s Champ, time: 2:57:08
(Liz raced in Women’s Cyclocross)
Age: 34
Occupation: NYSDEC Engineering geologist; went to SUNY Albany
From: Albany, NY

Cycling Experience: Entering 5th year of riding competitively; Liz was a recreational runner and cyclist and had a friend that did triathlons. When her friend got pregnant, Liz borrowed her bike and remembers (jokingly) “I liked that there’s a sport you can do and carry your own water.” Liz currently races on the road for Speedwell Racing and in Cyclocross for Team Finished 7th at 2012 Masters Cyclocross World Championship in Louisville. Member of Capital Bicycle Racing Club (CBRC).

Training: Trains year-round; got a coach in 2011; lives a healthy lifestyle as a vegetarian. Among her favorite fueling foods are oatmeal, eggs, beans, and nuts. She drinks recovery shakes after every workout.

Cycling Goals: Liz is a cyclocross specialist and currently races for Team NYcross as a Union Cycliste International (UCI) Elite. A 2012 goal is to gain her first UCI points for an international ranking.

Why the BFC? “I ride with a group in the Capital region that really loves the (BFC) race and talks about it all the time.” Note: The BFC is the only non-sanctioned event Liz does.

How is the BFC different than other races? “It’s super inclusive,” from casual riders to serious racers. Liz then adds (laughing) “it’s like a challenging party. It makes suffering fun in some way.” She goes on to describe the descents, “I love descending, you’re holding on for dear life but it’s really fun. On that (BFC) course there’s definitely lots of gravel and rocks and it’s slippery but that’s part of the fun of it.”

Etc.: When she was VP of CBRC, Liz and friend Paula McConnell created VeloHello, a Capital District ‘Girl Meets Bike’ event to encourage women to try road, urban or mountain biking. She still occasionally leads a women’s recovery ride on Mondays to continue the “girl meets bike” theme. She contributes to the BikeBlog for the Times Union

How can we improve the BFC? Should we sanction the race? “On no, I think it would ruin the essence of the event. I like it the way it is.” What about the shotgun start? “That’s part of the novelty of (the BFC)… it’s fun.”


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